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About aerospace

Bowes Fastrac is a world class supplier of mock-ups, tooling and parts for the aerospace sector and is renowned for delivering the highest quality product in rapid timescales. We have an impressive track record in Europe for delivering a multitude of mock-up cabin interiors, from ‘blue sky’ concepts to cabin environment test rigs for engineering evaluation. No project is too big or too small. From the smallest component, to fully fitted out cabin interiors with a full complement of seats, cabin linings and monuments, Bowes has successfully delivered an impressive array of mock-ups and prototypes for the worlds aerospace OEMS and airlines. By combining a variety of processes and materials, mixed with unique know how, Bowes can create mock-ups at all levels from simple form and volume studies, right up to complex training and development prototypes in non and aircraft spec materials.

Bowes Fastrac profile – New Location- Larkfield, Kent

  • 8200 square foot of versatile work space
  • Highly experienced management team
  • 30 permanent modelling staff
  • 9001:2000 accredited
  • Extensive CAD/CAM capability
  • Mock-ups & prototypes


    Jigs, fixtures & tooling

    CAD & design service

    process & expertise

  • Rapid 1:1 Visualisation models
  • Show vehicle body, trim & details
  • Milled scale and wind tunnel models
  • Data prove out models and environment cubes
  • Low volume, specialist production & tooling
  • Rapid technologies – vac casting, CNC, RIM, SLA, SLS…
  • Laminate parts – grp, drape, vacuum, RTM, preform
  • High performance – carbon, kevlar, phenolic
  • Traditional pattern making & modelling
  • Functional Mock Ups
  • address

    • Bowes Fastrac Ltd
    • Unit 8 Sheldon Way
    • Larkfield
    • Kent
    • ME20 6SE

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